Malachianism is based on several observable principals in combination with tradition and legend. The backbone of the religion lies on the following simple premises: (1) the spiritual realm always existed, (2) the physical realm came into existence following a conflict in the spiritual realm, (3) There is a single, immaterial and ubiquitous force that resides […]

Similar to Lent, Lenctene is a 49 time of penance that precedes the new year, the spring equinox. The following observances are made daily. Condolence Jan 30 Offer condolence to a stranger. Find a news article online of a tragic death. Offer sympathy and prayer in the comments. Or, send flowers to someone who just […]

When we feel sad and alone, why do we retreat to spirituality? What is it about the unknown divine that draws us? Are we looking for something more? Are we looking for the last hope? I know when I am sad and depressed, I seek refuge in faith. Why? Because it comforts me. But, why […]

Divination is a spiritual practice where one communes with spirit through some medium where unknown information is revealed or a glimpse of a possible future is foretold. Throughout the ages, many different divination mediums have been implored. Mediums using “random chance,” such as the I-Ching in Asia and the Tarot of Europe, as well as patterns […]

The Alter Sha’carava are the principle teachers in Malachianism. They are the great ascended masters of Malachianism. The Alter Sha’carava are Miao Shan (Kuan Yin), Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth), Maryam (Mary of Nazareth), Kungfuzee (Confucious), Laodanzee (Lao Tzu), and Zhuangzee (Chuang Tsu). Miao Shan (Kuan Yin) Most commonly known as the Buddhist […]

Malachianism has its own holidays and traditions that are distinct from other religions. While Malachianism has a “wheel of the year,” some days are different from those of the traditional neopagan paths.  The quarter days, marking the solstices and equinoxes, remain the same; however, the cross quarter days correspond to the beginning of a Malachian […]

There is universal law of balance that keeps nature in check. In humans, that balance is sometimes lost. Typically, deeply spiritual individuals gravitate toward a pious life; however, a balance should be maintained. In Buddhism, the Middle Way expresses one’s need to stay away from the extremes. Likewise, the yin and yang in Taoism expresses […]

When working with spiritual energy, one must understand the laws of the universe governing spiritual energy. These laws cannot be changed and rarely are they bent; therefore, we must abide by them. These laws exists for a specific reason and without them, we would not exists as we know it. Instead of using the few […]